Baidu recently because of medical search event be pushed to the forefront of public opinion, when people are blaming baidu at the same time, the new forces sogou search engine on those routes, Google who dropped out of the mainland China is dropping in a chair. 
One widely circulated in WeChat circle of friends, is a net friend summed up the gap between baidu and Google: 
Started with the search business at the same time, research and development of Google operating system, the development of unmanned, research and development of artificial intelligence, the exploration of the universe; And a domestic search engine also sell fake drugs, to play for, delivery, this gap is more than a light-year...... 
Why Google has to rely on search engines to technology peak, while baidu besides playing from the hearts and minds of competitive ranking, useless? Why start at the same time, the same head is graduated from foreign universities, zha gap so big? 
Let us speak of from Google out of China. 
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谷歌退出中国 百度一家独大
Google out of China baidu dominance 
On January 13, 2010, because don't want to review its cn search results, Google began negotiations with China. Two months and ten days later, Google by the problem of the hacker accused China, announced to stop filtering search service in China, and will search service from mainland China to Hong Kong. 
Since then, the situation of two clams strive for Chinese search engine, official into dominance. Founded, has six years of sogou, seem to see the opportunity, hope to share in the field of search engine. 
But since 2000 founded in zhongguancun, as the worldwide search engine company, baidu to do only one thing: by bidding baidu promotion in order to get profit. If you want to say always insist to stick to one thing is originality, but for based on science and technology enterprise, is not necessarily a good thing. 
Let's take a look at the 15 years, Google has done nothing. 
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谷歌重组公司 技术改变世界
Google restructuring company technology change the world 
Give up the trees in mainland China, Google is in the field of technology, harvest a whole forest. 
Retired from mainland China, Google restructure adjustment strategic positioning, and create a new holding company Alphabet, since then, Google is responsible for making money for the family, the Alphabet is responsible for changing the world. 
From unmanned to robotics, Google as a search engine start-up, span more than one Pacific in the field of technology: 
lGoogle Fiber想为世界带来超高速宽带
LGoogle Fiber to bring super-fast broadband to the world 
This is Google in 2010, one of the first business, in 2012, Google to run it as a real business, and successfully tested in parts of the country. 
LGoogle by Nest intelligent household 
This is Google attempt in the field of smart home, known as the intelligent thermostat Nest are Google to $3.2 billion to buy, but money is the pursuit of Google eyebrows will not blink, Anyway, can change the world. 
LCalico company tried to fight death 
This is Google biotechnology company was founded in 2013, the goal is to prolong the life of human beings. Imagine if the technology research and development success, each of us can live to be 100, the then a great blessing? 
lGoogle X将继续研发自动驾驶汽车的项目
LGoogle project of X will continue to develop autonomous vehicles 
This project has been progress in the four years, until June 2015. The total mileage driverless cars have reached 1 million miles, some very trendy plan will be launched to the public in 2020. 
In addition to these, and the Wing will be sent to you by unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) distribution packages, Google's smart contact lenses can measure their blood sugar levels, a spoon of resistant to Parkinson's disease, a kite generator with renewable energy, through the high altitude balloon to provide Internet service... 
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百度遭遇重创 未来谁主沉浮
Baidu has taken Who decides in the future 
Baidu bidding for medical industry has been a net friend dozen face, its credibility "down to the bottom. Google has been out of China mainland, when to return to a distant prospect, so, the future Chinese search engine industry, who decides? 
So to take this opportunity to say sogou. Has long been suppressed the sogou also ushered in the one that has a good time, after a myriad of sogou, in each big TV appearance, although the heart of the upper is very obvious, but the future can transcend baidu, too early to say. 
Whether Google to return to China, and also whether sogou can made at home, after baidu this event, there is no doubt that the public also produced "immune" to the search engine, in the future, the veteran or a rookie, who can be truly fair, provide service for the public to purely objective point of view, and constantly develop new technology, who can become a real industry leader. 

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